For a very long time I really believed I would write romantic fiction. As a child I had practised my reading skills on the short stories in my mother’s weekly magazines and grown up with the serial stories in 19, Honey and Petticoat. I was wrong. I tried to write romantic fiction but found beneath the surface story another theme always emerged.

Thus Virgin at Fifty is about starting over, If Daisy Married Gatbsy is about the power of obsessions and The Pineapple Dating Club is about the challenges women still face to live the life they want to live and not one that is manipulated by family, peer groups or the media.

The book I am working on at the moment, Mayflies is a thriller in which love plays a part but so too do gossip, greed and cowardice to own up to one’s actions and their consequences.

Latest Novel
Latest Novel


Mayflies is my next project. It is a murder mystery and promises intrigue, love, heartbreak and a desire for revenge.

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