Short Stories

If you don’t have time for reading a full length novel, many of my stories are designed to be read in ten minutes or less- perfect for when you’re waiting for a bus or the train or your friend has texted they’re running late and you’re sitting in a restaurant or café alone. Most will have a twist in the tale (or should that be tail?).

Published on 1st November 2015

The girl on the M25

I eased my foot on the brake pedal. I’m not one of these drivers who give white van man a bad name, all red tail lights and squealing brakes at…

Published on 11th September 2015

And I always thought I was a cat person

I saw her again today, striding out along the ridge, her long auburn hair blowing back from her face as the brown dog lolloped in front of her, occasionally stopping,…

Published on 22nd June 2014

Board shorts are for babes too

I guessed there was something wrong as soon as I picked up the case. It rattled; like something metal had come loose inside. I pushed the thought from my head and slung it onto a trolley, out past the customs and into the hot night air. It had been a long flight, a very long flight…

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