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What happened to all those New Year Resolutions?

6th February 2022 |

February and the excitements of a New Year, along with most people’s resolutions are long past, I suspect. I know mine are which is a pity as one aim was to dedicate more time and space to my writing-put it on a more professional basis. So why is this so difficult? I was never prone to procrastination as a full time, salaried professional but as a free-lance, it’s more of a challenge.

Yes, there are always excuse. So far January has seen a major building project in the kitchen which meant no heating for a while and dust everywhere. Escaping to the farthest corner of the house still meant writing to an accompaniment of earth-shattering crashes and drills- I hate that sound, reminds me of the dentists.

But what about other times? I accept we must eat which means shopping and cooking and clean clothes are pretty essential unless we want to go round looking like teens post muddy Glastonbury but I’m finding it easier and easier to be detracted by other tasks. Does it matter if the kitchen floor is not spotless? Or there is still a pile of clothes waiting to be put away? Of course not.

So, I recalled what I did when I was a headteacher. There were always additional pieces of work, not to mention welcome and unwelcome interruptions but I found it easier to schedule what was to be done and get it done.

In a 1954 speech, Eisenhower quoted an unnamed university president who said, “I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.”

I had a go at my own for this week.

IMPORTANT Blog post to write and upload
Blurb for next novel
Next session of course      
Complete three
chapters of WIP  
NOT IMPORTANT Review use of Twitter     Twitter
Face book

That’s all very well but what about the other tasks that get in the way? So far I haven’t added any personal ones but already it feels easier to start on Monday morning knowing what the priorities are this week.

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