Thank you for stopping by my website. My name is Pam Keevil and the website is a show case for my writing. Here you’ll find excerpts from my novels, short stories in different styles and genres and can access my blog posts.

I write romantic stories where the focus is upon the interplay of personalities. I am fascinated by the inner game; what goes on inside our heads rather than what we show to others. I love reading research in all aspects of relationships and this often forms the inspiration for my stories. Even I am surprised by the thrill I get every time I open up my laptop and set about constructing and creating a new story.

I hope you enjoy my writing and please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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Geronimo, Billy Jenkins!

Winter was over. I knew because grandad had exchanged his wellington boots for a battered pair of shoes. It also meant he would be in his shed. Only Billy Jenkins…

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Bounce was highly commended in the Mags4Dorset competition, 2017 and was based on a photo of a flight of steps.   It was my magic game. If I could count…

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What happened to all those New Year Resolutions?

February and the excitements of a New Year, along with most people’s resolutions are long past, I suspect. I know mine are which is a pity as one aim was to dedicate more time and space to my writing-put it on a more professional basis. So why is this so…

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